At SmartSimple, we believe that incredible work can’t be done without the help from others along the way, which is why we take Client Support very seriously. We’re in the empowerment business, and as such, it’s part of our responsibility to help our clients get the most out of the SmartSimple platform.

Technical Community Support

We’re not only invested in customer service, we’re dedicated to customer empowerment. We believe our clients should have control over their processes and technology, not the other way around. Our job is to support our clients in this.

Our support team is dedicated to getting your answers quicker. We’re available through phone, email, and live agent chat support.

Beyond this, our community portal gives our clients the ability to create support tickets, provide feedback, send messages and chat with our in-house support team. Our well-trained and experienced technical support representatives make sure that you have all the knowledge and tools you need to fully utilize the powerful functionality of SmartSimple’s software.

We use Net Promoter Score, an industry standard metric to gauge customer loyalty. Consistently, we average an NPS of 8.4 out of 10, putting us in the top tier for a software provider in any vertical.

Starting March 4, SmartSimple will provide round-the-clock technical support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Our support hours:

GMT: 9 pm Sunday–2 am Saturday

EST: 4 pm Sunday–9 pm Friday

PST: 1 pm Sunday–6 pm Friday

AEST: 8 am Monday–1 pm Saturday

Live Agent Chat: Access Here


An enhanced service offering that gives clients direct access to a dedicated support person.

Premium Support Services

Premium Support Services is an enhanced service offering that gives clients direct access to a dedicated support person. As a single point of contact, Dedicated Support Representatives develop an intimate knowledge of their client systems, and are able to deliver a much more personalized experience based on a familiar understanding of their client’s needs and business problems. Regular touchpoints are also scheduled with SmartSimple’s Director of Customer Experience to ensure that clients are getting full value out of their Premium Support Service.

Business Strategy Support

In an effort to make sure every client is maximizing the powerful functionality of SmartSimple’s software platform, our SmartSimple Business Strategy services are offered to all clients as part of the standard support package. This value added service is ideal for situations where our clients are looking for solutions to business problems through SmartSimple’s software or are looking to consult on situations that require more than just technical troubleshooting.

Think of this like a white glove concierge service to help address your business problems . We’ll get the resources you need to make sure we help you find a solution that works, and ensure that you’re well positioned for the future.

We will ensure that all our clients are well positioned for the future.