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Introducing the Supported Application Process: Advancing equitable grantmaking with artificial intelligence

Supported Application Process

Enhancing the grant application experience for grantees and grantmakers alike with SmartSimple Cloud +AI

Grantmakers play a critical role in funding projects and initiatives that significantly impact their communities. However, creating equitable granting programs can be difficult given the possible disparities between potential grant applicants. Applicants without dedicated grant writers, those with limited resources, or those with varying writing and communications skills, may find it difficult to construct strong proposals. In some cases, an otherwise suitable applicant may be eliminated due to their inability to properly construct an application.

To help grantmakers facing these issues, SmartSimple is introducing the Supported Application Process, powered by SmartSimple Cloud +AI. This AI-supported process will enhance the grantee and grantmaker experience throughout the application and review stage of the granting lifecycle.

Supported by advanced AI functionality, grant applicants can receive guidance and support during the critical stages of the application process. This includes assistance on how to structure a compelling proposal, help in developing better narratives that outline the potential impact of their project, and assistance in developing a clear plan for project implementation and evaluation. The assistance provided is specific to the program they are applying for.  With this support, more grant applicants will be capable of submitting higher-quality proposals, increasing the likelihood of a positive funding decision.

Supported Application Process diagram

For grantmakers, the Supported Application Process improves equitability among applicants and creates a more diverse and inclusive applicant pool. Additionally, grantmakers can expect a more streamlined application review process, have the opportunity to develop stronger partnerships with grantees, and enhance their ability to measure the impact of funded projects. The ultimate result is a more efficient grantmaking process, increasing the likelihood of funding projects that can have a significant impact on the community.

The Supported Application Process, powered by SmartSimple Cloud +AI, provides significant benefits to both grantees and grantmakers. By offering AI-supported guidance to grant applicants, grantmakers can ensure more equitable access to their grant programs. This can be achieved by eliminating potential barriers to access and leveling the playing field for all applicants. In addition to promoting equitability and inclusivity, it also streamlines the application review process for grantmakers. Ultimately, this innovative approach to the application process has the potential to impact grantmaker program success outcomes and support them in meeting their greater mission.

SmartSimple Cloud +AI is available today and can be subscribed to through the SmartSimple Cloud Marketplace.  To learn more about the Supported Application Process contact us at

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