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2 min

Challenges & SmartSimple Solutions for Non-Profit Arts & Culture Administrators

2 min

Breaking language barriers in philanthropy: Introducing SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate for seamless multilingual grantmaking

The challenge? Did you know? There are more than 7,000 languages spoken globally. In the dynamic...
1 min

Public Search Page: Transparency and accessibility take center stage

In a world where grant and funding allocation often operates behind closed doors, introducing...
2 min

SmartSimple Cloud Video Streaming: simplifying how grantmakers in the arts community review and organize video uploads

The digital era has transformed how art is created, shared, and appreciated. However, for...
1 min

The power of Public Map Visualization: unveiling the impact

Visualization has grown exponentially in significance within the realm of data representation. For...
3 min

SmartSimple Cloud's underexplored features: SmartCards, Tab Bar, Dashboards

Over the next few months we will be highlighting some important but lesser known features within...
2 min

SmartSimple Cloud +AI's QuickTag: An enhanced way to navigate your grantee database

For grantmakers, efficiently navigating through a database of grantees and applicants can often be...
2 min

Introducing Instant Application Summaries powered by SmartSimple Cloud +AI

Harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline grant application summaries during the...
2 min

Introducing AI-Assisted Application Screening: Transform your grant review process with intelligent pre-screening

Better manage large volumes of incoming applications using AI to automatically pre-screen...