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Challenges & SmartSimple Solutions for Non-Profit Arts & Culture Administrators




The philanthropic sector has seen a number of changes in recent years and this is especially true for arts and culture organizations. High turnover rates in a field with already limited capacity, coupled with the increasing weight of administrative tasks on program staff and grant administrators, means an innovative and automated solution for the grants management process is crucial. 

Non-profit organizations are increasingly being asked to report and evaluate the impact of their programming, with varying amounts of reportable metrics, adding another responsibility to staff’s already busy workload. SmartSimple’s platform offers a solution for staff and administrators at arts and culture non-profit organizations to intuitively manage their grants administration processes.



Many arts and culture non-profit organizations operate with limited staff and resources, making it difficult to dedicate sufficient time and expertise to fully realize a grant management system’s features. Effective grants management often involves repetitive administrative tasks such as tracking expenses, producing reports, and processing and maintaining documentation. SmartSimple's scalable and flexible platform allows arts administrators to adapt their grant management system as needed. Additionally, the comprehensive training and support services provided by SmartSimple help arts and culture program staff maximize the value of their grants management software, reducing the administrative burden and improving efficiency.

Recipients of grant funding may be required to submit regular reports, detailing how grant funds were utilized. Additionally, the grantor institution may also have annual or semi-annual reporting requirements, where arts and culture program staff are asked to describe the impact of their funded activities to stakeholders. SmartSimple automates reporting processes, streamlining efforts to ensure that grantees and program staff can easily track payments and generate requisite reports. The analytic capabilities of SmartSimple allow arts and culture program staff to track and measure the impact of their initiatives, providing valuable insights into trends and outcomes of supported projects.
Ensuring data security and compliance with regulatory requirements is essential. Burgeoning technological advances often elicit concerns over privacy and the protection of personally identifiable information. SmartSimple prioritizes data security and privacy, providing a secure platform for managing sensitive information and ensuring regulatory compliance with state/provincial and/or federal requirements.


The arts and cultural funding sector can be highly competitive, with numerous applicants vying for limited grant funding. Furthermore, grant applications often require extensive documentation, including budgets, project proposals, audio or visual content, and other supporting materials. SmartSimple's streamlined application manager helps program staff create and manage grant applications efficiently. The configurable application forms and workflows simplify the application process, making it easier for non-profit arts and cultural administrators to navigate and ensure that all necessary information is provided. Applicants will be able to upload and submit their application materials with ease.


About SmartSimple

In order to best achieve their organizational mission, arts and culture program staff and administrators should be able to focus on meeting the immediate needs of their community. The platform and solutions provided by SmartSimple offer a reprieve from the necessary yet highly automatable functions that come with efficient grants and program management. Additionally, SmartSimple offers a strong team of support to offer clarity and answer questions should they arise.

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About the Author

Julie Anderson is the Arts & Culture Grants Market Manager at SmartSimple Software. Julie works to understand the unique needs of the arts and cultural philanthropic sectors and seeks to develop solutions that answer those needs through research and collaboration. Previously, Julie worked in foundation program coordination and grants management, where she was responsible for the administration and programming of grant-related activities in arts and culture and bioscience.

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