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2 min

SmartSimple Cloud Video Streaming: simplifying how grantmakers in the arts community review and organize video uploads

The digital era has transformed how art is created, shared, and appreciated. However, for...
3 min

Transforming philanthropy: Enhancing grants management with SmartSimple Cloud

Embracing technological excellence: Real-world successes of streamlined workflows, comprehensive...
3 min

How to Successfully Automate your Granting Process

Imagine two grantmaking organizations, A and B. They each need to buy software to manage their...
4 min

4 Major Challenges of Scholarship Matching For Staff and Students (And How To Fix It)

It’s an understatement to say that managing scholarship programs can be tedious and time-consuming,...
2 min

5 Ways Community Foundations Can Align Grantmaking and Fundraising Goals

Within the foundation world, grantmaking and fund development roles are often treated like opposite...