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SmartSimple Cloud Video Streaming: simplifying how grantmakers in the arts community review and organize video uploads

SmartSimple Cloud Video Streaming

The digital era has transformed how art is created, shared, and appreciated. However, for grant-making organizations, this evolution comes with its set of challenges. From bulky file sizes and incompatible formats to the hassle of downloading numerous submissions, Arts grantmakers often find themselves grappling with a suboptimal processes when it comes to managing video assets. With SmartSimple Cloud’s video streaming tool, your organization has access to technology that we have purpose-built to overcome these challenges. Here's how SmartSimple's video streaming service benefits the Arts sector:

  1. Seamless integration: SmartSimple Cloud Video Streaming seamlessly integrates into your grant application process, allowing artists and performers to submit high-quality videos showcasing their work. This integration streamlines the application process and provides a dynamic way for artists to express their creativity.

  2. Enhanced review experience: Reviewers can annotate videos directly within the platform, highlighting key moments within the timeline and providing valuable feedback. This feature ensures a comprehensive and interactive review process that benefits artists and reviewers.

  3. Automatic watermarking: To safeguard artistic creations, SmartSimple Cloud automatically applies watermarks to videos during the submission phase. This feature helps protect artists' intellectual property and ensures proper attribution.

  4. Public accessibility: Videos can be made accessible to the public, either through a secure portal or openly, allowing Arts funders, supporters, and the wider community to view funded performances. This transparency fosters a deeper connection between funders and the arts community, enriching public engagement.

  5. Viewer statistics: SmartSimple Cloud Video Streaming tracks viewership statistics, including the geographic locations of viewers. This data provides valuable insights into the reach and impact of funded performances, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning for Arts organizations.

  6. Global reach: The video streaming service transcends geographical boundaries, enabling Arts organizations to showcase performances to a global audience. This expanded reach can attract international attention and collaboration opportunities.

  7. Rich data analysis: The comprehensive tracking and analytics capabilities allow Arts funders to analyze viewership trends, gauge audience engagement, and measure the resonance of funded performances. This data-driven approach informs future funding decisions and enhances program outcomes.

  8. Promoting creativity: The video streaming service promotes innovation and creativity by providing artists with a multimedia platform to express their unique visions. This empowers the Arts granting community to explore new dimensions, like dance and performance art.

  9. Elevating grant impact: The ability to showcase funded performances through video enhances the impact of Arts grants. Funders can witness the tangible results of their support, fostering a deeper connection between funding and artistic achievement.

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SmartSimple Cloud Video Streaming service redefines the way Arts and Culture organizations manage, share, and appreciate dance and performance art. This service is just one aspect of the Media Library function available in SmartSimple Cloud. The versatility of the Media Library ensures that all artistic mediums find their place; from music to imagery to video, every format is supported, allowing for the seamless integration of diverse artistic expressions. By providing a secure, interactive, and globally accessible platform, SmartSimple contributes to the arts-granting ecosystem where creativity flourishes, artists thrive, and the transformative power of the Arts is celebrated and shared with the world.


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