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Transforming philanthropy: Enhancing grants management with SmartSimple Cloud

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Embracing technological excellence: Real-world successes of streamlined workflows, comprehensive compliance, and scalable operations in grants management

Grants management is an integral part of many organizations' operations, and with it comes a series of complexities – from ensuring efficient workflows and regulatory compliance, to scaling up in line with the organization's growth. While these challenges can be daunting, innovative technology platforms like SmartSimple Cloud are making waves in the sector, transforming the way organizations approach and handle grants management. Through real-world success stories, we explore how SmartSimple Cloud is empowering organizations such as The Pohlad Foundation, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), and the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF), providing them with tailored solutions that not only overcome their unique hurdles but also drive efficiency and effectiveness in their grants management operations.


The Pohlad Foundation: Unlocking efficiency by streamlining workflow and minimizing administrative burden

Grants management often comes with a heavy administrative burden, consuming valuable time and resources. SmartSimple Cloud offers a solution to streamline workflows, enabling grantmakers to focus on strategic decision-making and impact analysis. The Pohlad Foundation experienced this firsthand when they switched to SmartSimple from another grants management software platform. They were seeking a system that could support their grants program while also simplifying their employee matching gift program. With SmartSimple, they were able to eliminate the labor-intensive paper-based processes, resulting in significant time savings. Misha Dashevsky, Grants Manager at the Pohlad Foundation, commended SmartSimple for understanding the needs of American private foundations and providing a solid online solution.


“I think SmartSimple has a solid understanding of what American private foundations need in an online solution.”
Misha Dashevsky, Grants Manager,
The Pohlad Family Foundation




Boehringer Ingelheim: Championing compliance and accountability in grants management

Compliance with regulations and ensuring grantee accountability are paramount in grants management. SmartSimple Cloud offers comprehensive tracking and reporting features that ensure transparency and adherence to policies. Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), a global pharmaceutical company, recognized the need to update its manual research grants management processes. With SmartSimple Cloud, BI implemented a centralized solution that facilitated global grantmaking while accommodating the unique needs of local operating units. The system's automated workflows and robust reporting capabilities improved transparency and collaboration with affiliates and partners worldwide. BI's compliance manager appreciates the system's ability to provide timely and high-quality reports, as well as its streamlined debarment process, ensuring compliance at every step.



“At the beginning of this initiative, our vision was for the platform to be a one-stop-shop solution for third-party funding requests. Our global funding platform – Lectrona – makes managing the funding application process easier, for Boehringer Ingelheim and applicants alike.”
Stanislav Kischner, Global Data & Platform Owner,
Boehringer Ingelheim




The Edmonton Community Foundation: Mastering the art of scaling grants management operations

As organizations grow, their grants management needs evolve. SmartSimple Cloud offers a scalable solution that adapts to changing requirements. The Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) faced challenges with an unreliable and inflexible form-based solution for their grantmaking processes. They needed a system that could provide deeper insights and continuity for their various granting programs. SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management transformed ECF's processes by automating communication, providing applicant and reviewer portals, and offering robust reporting and tracking capabilities. ECF's Community Grants, Small Grants, and Student Awards programs all benefited from improved efficiency and the ability to capture and report on program data effectively.



“The transition [to SmartSimple CLOUD for Grants Management] has been great because it hasn't interrupted our granting at all; we're still having the same positive impact on the community that we've always had.”
Nick Diaz, Donor Grants Associate,
Edmonton Community Foundation



In the realm of grants management, SmartSimple Cloud stands out as a pivotal solution, propelling organizations to new heights with its powerful blend of technology, flexibility, and configurability. The success stories of The Pohlad Foundation, Boehringer Ingelheim, and the Edmonton Community Foundation illustrate the transformative potential of this platform. By streamlining workflows, enhancing transparency, and facilitating organizational growth, SmartSimple Cloud becomes a catalyst for maximizing efficiency and amplifying community impact.

These testimonials serve as beacons of success, proving that the benefits of SmartSimple Cloud are not just aspirational, but tangible realities. They showcase the transformative power it brings to grants management, empowering organizations to achieve and sustain meaningful results. If your organization is seeking to enhance efficiency in grants management and make a lasting impact in your community, it's time to explore the potential of SmartSimple Cloud. Unlock new avenues to advance your grants management processes and embark on a transformative journey.

To learn more about how SmartSimple Cloud can contribute to your mission, contact our team at Book a demo today and discover the possibilities that lie ahead.

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