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Better Together: SmartSimple Software Is Now an ORCID Certified Service Provider

Posted by Geoff Cook on May 19, 2021 9:00:00 AM


At SmartSimple Software, our day-in-day-out goal is to simplify granting and research processes, from the application stage right through to reviews, approvals, and outcomes reporting. We’re pleased to announce yet another big step toward that goal: SmartSimple Software has officially been recognized as an
ORCID Certified Service Provider. Read the full press release.

Scientific researchers and research funders alike are familiar with ORCID’s identification system, which assigns a unique ID to every researcher, and connects this ID to a researcher’s pertinent information and output: publications, citations, grants, employment, and more.

ORCID (short for Open Researcher & Contributor ID) can now be enabled within SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management – the platform solution of choice for research funders with highly unique and complex processes.

Why is this a big deal for research funders?

In the 2020 edition of
A Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems published by Tech Impact’s Idealware, SmartSimple’s cloud platform came away with the #1 ranking for the most number of advanced features supporting the grantmaking lifecycle.

This means that ORCID is now available on the most comprehensive and configurable research grants administration solution on the market — and that, by connecting with ORCID, SmartSimple’s cloud platform is now even more robust.

Not familiar with SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management? SmartSimple’s all-in-one research grant administration solution streamlines the complexity — and lessens the administrative burden — of foundation, institution, and pharmaceutical research funding. Our long list of 400 prominent clients includes:

Like all our solutions, our research grants administration solution is powered by SmartSimple Cloud – our highly configurable, secure, and scalable cloud platform empowering research funders to easily respond to the unique process, reporting, and collaboration needs of their mission and the scientific community.

“We’re thrilled that ORCID has certified SmartSimple Software as an official provider,” says Teresa Clarke PhD, Director of Research Solutions at SmartSimple Software.

“Integrating with ORCID not only makes applying for funding easier for researchers, but allows funders to better view, analyze, and make decisions about the information they’re seeing.”

A simplified process for both researchers and research funders

Researchers’ time is best spent researching, not filling out endless fields in funding applications. Thanks to SmartSimple Cloud’s ORCID integration, applicants can instantly import their ORCID records into their profile in SmartSimple Cloud for funders to view — leaving them with less data entry work, and significantly reducing the risk of error.

For research funders and administrators, using ORCID within SmartSimple Cloud allows for a simplified application management process in which researcher and contributor IDs are automatically authenticated, allowing for easy organization and viewing a constantly updated digital CV of their research output. Additionally, funding updates from within SmartSimple Cloud will automatically update researchers’ ORCID records.

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SmartSimple Cloud houses researchers’ ORCID IDs and all their details in JSON format, so your staff can use those records in a range of specific processes. For example, on the application review side, ORCID lets you quickly confirm whether your peer reviewers have the right competence and breadth of knowledge in their body of work.

On the reporting side, adding ORCID to SmartSimple Cloud enables you to track the contributions and careers of funding recipients even after grants have been awarded, giving you and your stakeholders better insight into the long-term impact of your funding programs.

Saving time and effort, streamlining processes, assessing long-term funding impact — ORCID and SmartSimple Cloud are truly better together.

See how ORCID integrates with SmartSimple Cloud


Want to enhance your research funding process?

If your organization is already using SmartSimple Cloud,
contact us today to enable ORCID within your system and improve your research funding processes.

Want to learn more about how SmartSimple Cloud works with ORCID to simplify your research grantmaking? Schedule a personalized demo today.

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