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    SmartSimple EMEA Summit 2020: Going Virtual

    Posted by Claudine Ting on May 22, 2020 10:30:40 AM

    Along with the rest of the world, our annual EMEA Summit was impacted by the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. While we made the decision to cancel the in-person event, we continued to focus on connecting the SmartSimple EMEA community. Last May 13-14, we converted the event to a two-day virtual experience - making this our first 100% virtual conference we’ve ever hosted.  

    Grantmaking Post-COVID: A Look at PRIs

    Posted by SmartSimple Software on May 19, 2020 2:18:47 PM

    Philanthropy is full of acronyms. LOI. DAF. MOU - the list goes on. What about PRIs (Program Related Investments)? You’ve likely heard this acronym used before and generally understand that they are a part of a foundation’s grantmaking strategy.

    Connect With SmartSimple During PEAK Grantmaking’s Month-long Virtual Conference

    Posted by Stirling Myles on May 7, 2020 9:49:24 AM

    During the month of May, PEAK Grantmaking’s 2020 annual conference will be running virtually and uniting hundreds of grants management professionals around a month-long series of educational events around this year’s theme: Courage in Practice. The online conference will include keynotes and sessions both delivered live and on-demand, as well as offer breakout discussions, regional chapter meetings, and even a Virtual Expo to connect with exhibitors – including SmartSimple.

    Collaboration as a Catalyst to Responsive Grantmaking

    Posted by SmartSimple Software on Apr 30, 2020 11:25:31 AM

    It's one thing to respond to an emergency, such as a natural disaster, like a hurricane. It's another thing entirely to respond to a pandemic that completely alters your typical grantmaking process. How do you react to not only support your mission, but also your staff and board? Vancouver Foundation has stepped up to the plate, and up to the challenge, in no small part to their willingness to collaborate on responsive grantmaking.

    Data Exchange: The SmartSimple Way

    Posted by Stirling Myles on Apr 24, 2020 1:56:31 PM

    Have you ever wondered if two entirely different companies that use SmartSimple can work together? We have the answer for you: SmartSimple’s Data Exchange, a secure method of transferring information between systems.

    Whether you’re transferring information between insurance companies to service providers, or centralizing ad-hoc information from field research to foundations, SmartSimple’s Data Exchange provides the configuration to send and receive records between different SmartSimple systems. You can now export multiple levels of data and also organization and individual contact data to and from one SmartSimple system to another.