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The power of Public Map Visualization: unveiling the impact


Visualization has grown exponentially in significance within the realm of data representation. For organizations, making their data not just visible but compellingly visual is of paramount importance.

Uncover stories with a click

With SmartSimple Cloud's Public Map Visualization, every grant or project you've funded is represented as a distinct pin on an interactive map. Clicking on a pin reveals the comprehensive details of that dataset – its beneficiaries, its purpose, and its tangible impact.

It's not just about showcasing. The Public Map Visualization also strengthens your credibility. It offers stakeholders and communities a transparent view of the real-time impact of your work, providing an amplified understanding of your contributions.


Introducing SmartSimple Cloud's Public Map Visualization

It's designed to do more than just plot data on a digital map; it's about empowering organizations with the following capabilities:

  • Tailor data: Control what your community sees, define search criteria, and ensure displayed data remains relevant.

  • Engage through interactivity: Public Map Visualization goes beyond static displays. Each data point evolves into an interactive pin, providing a detailed view upon a simple click.

  • Seamless access: Situated within your SmartSimple Cloud system, the map is just a click away. With a specific URL, your community can delve into the data that's significant to them.

Key features of Public Map Visualization

For those considering utilizing this tool, here are some standout features of SmartSimple Cloud’s Public Map Visualization:

  • Tailoring: Complete autonomy over the information displayed to the public.
  • Filtering: Define your search and filter criteria.
  • Interactive Pins: More than just data points, these are gateways to deeper insights.
  • Geo-visualization: A comprehensive view of your projects' geographical spread.
  • Direct Access: A specific URL ensures the community can easily access the map.


Client spotlight: Philanthropy Ireland

Some of our clients have already integrated SmartSimple Cloud's Public Map Visualization into their systems. One example is Philanthropy Ireland. Using this tool, they've effectively communicated their philanthropic initiatives to their community. Explore Philanthropy Ireland's experience to see how they're harnessing the power of visualization.


Why visualization matters today

In today's data-rich environment, the challenge lies in making data insightful. SmartSimple Cloud's Public Map Visualization is designed for this very purpose.

By leveraging this tool, you can present a detailed and transparent view of your efforts, allowing the broader community to truly grasp the scope and impact of your projects.

Eager to harness the power of visualization for your projects? Visit our marketplace or talk to your account manager to kickstart your journey. Your story deserves to be seen, understood, and celebrated.

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