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Introducing AI-Assisted Application Screening: Transform your grant review process with intelligent pre-screening

AI-Assisted Application Screening

Better manage large volumes of incoming applications using AI to automatically pre-screen applications with SmartSimple Cloud +AI

Grantmaking organizations play a crucial role in supporting community initiatives, but managing a large volume of applications and ensuring equitable funding can be challenging. To help grantmaking organizations overcome these obstacles, we are happy to introduce AI-Assisted Application Screening, powered by our SmartSimple Cloud +AI.

AI-Assisted Application Screening leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the grant application review process by enabling grantmakers to automatically pre-screen applications by comparing an application’s contents with a program's eligibility criteria and requirements. This process identifies ineligible applications without the use of specific validation criteria.

AI-Assisted Application Screening diagram

With AI-Assisted Application Screening, SmartSimple Cloud +AI automatically generates a grade and a summary explaining the reason behind the grade. The process can then automatically update the status of the application accordingly, categorizing submitted applications into buckets like "AI Pre-Screen Pass" or "AI Pre-Screen Fail."

Grant program staff can access a list displaying submitted applications, allowing them to quickly process incoming requests and prioritize which applications to address first. Sorting the list of recently submitted applications by descending grade helps grant program staff prioritize applications with the highest likelihood of approval, streamlining the review process. Additionally, the AI-generated grade can also be displayed with the sorted list for grant staff.


Benefits for grantmakers:

  1. Enhanced efficiency: Automating the pre-screening process saves time and resources, allowing grant program staff to focus on evaluating eligible applications.

  2. Improved consistency & equity: By standardizing the pre-screening process, SmartSimple Cloud +AI ensures a consistent evaluation of applications based on their contents and program eligibility, promoting equitable access to funding opportunities.

  3. Data-driven decision-making: AI-generated grades and summaries enable grant program staff to effectively triage applications and make data-driven decisions, leading to better funding outcomes and a more significant community impact.

  4. Customizable workflows: Grant administrator staff can tailor the AI-Assisted Application Screening process and prompts to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows.


Benefits for grant applicants:

  1. Fair evaluation: By standardizing the pre-screening process, SmartSimple Cloud +AI ensures that applications are evaluated based on their contents and program eligibility criteria, rather than subjective factors. This creates an equitable evaluation process for all applicants.

  2. Faster feedback: Automating the pre-screening process enables grant program staff to review applications more quickly, leading to faster feedback for applicants. This can help applicants understand their application status sooner and, if necessary, make improvements for future submissions or revise applications as necessary.

  3. Enhanced transparency: AI-driven pre-screening promotes transparency in the grant application process by providing a consistent and data-driven evaluation method. This can help applicants build trust in the grantmaker's decision-making process and encourage them to continue seeking funding opportunities.

  4. Learning opportunities: The AI-generated grade and summary, if shared with applicants, can provide valuable insights that applicants can use to learn from their application experience. This feedback can help them refine their grant writing skills and improve future applications, increasing their chances of securing funding in the future.

The AI-Assisted Application Screening offers a transformative solution for both grantmakers and grant applicants by streamlining the grant application submission and review processes, as well as promoting fairness and transparency. Automating the pre-screening process and providing valuable insights, helps grantmakers save time and make data-driven decisions while empowering applicants with faster feedback and equitable evaluation. Ultimately, this innovative approach enhances the overall grantmaking experience, leading to more successful funding outcomes and resulting in greater positive impacts on communities.

To learn more about AI-Assisted Application Screening, contact SmartSimple at or subscribe to SmartSimple Cloud +AI through the SmartSimple Cloud Marketplace.

If you missed the SmartSimple Cloud +AI launch, visit the launch post to learn more about this groundbreaking product.

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