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Simplifying Collaboration Using Invitations in SmartSimple Cloud

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Collaborating with multiple users on one application, especially when working remotely, can be a cumbersome challenge of gathering accurate information in an efficient manner. SmartSimple Cloud’s built-in Invitation feature allows your applicants to easily add co-applicants their submission, making collaboration much more efficient.
When it comes to applications requiring input from multiple users (i.e. co-applicants), these users might require the same level of access to one part of the application, but another level of access in another. Our platform's Invitation feature allows your applicants to invite other users to be a part of a single application while defining their capacity and access to contribute.

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With this feature, applicants can fill out the name, email address, and “role” of their collaborators (i.e. co-applicants, research assistants, etc.) that help define what level of access these individuals will have to the record. For example, do your collaborators need full editing privileges? Can they submit the application on their own? Do they only have a few fields to upload with? The system can identify if the individual is already registered or not and can send the appropriate communication to existing and new users (i.e. “please login” vs. “please register”).

When collaborating on an application, users can take turns editing and contributing. You can configure the feature so you can see who is currently in the application (record) with a message that reads "this record is currently checked out by… Person X." Or, you can anonymize the lock so that users can’t see any details about who is currently accessing the record. 


The collaboration style of the SmartSimple Cloud’s Invitation feature is like letting other users take the wheel of your car. As the owner, you can control which people have a key, but access wise you can't all drive at the same time.– Rachael Sloat, Platform Solutions Manager, SmartSimple Software


Now, you can remotely allow applicants to divide responsibility more efficiently while giving them the freedom and flexibility to make decisions independently.

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