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Breaking language barriers in philanthropy: Introducing SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate for seamless multilingual grantmaking


The challenge?

Did you know? There are more than 7,000 languages spoken globally. In the dynamic world of philanthropy, Program Officers, Program Directors, Grant Administrators, and Grants Managers are typically at the front lines of dealing with program implementation, stakeholder interaction, and operational efficiency. For organizations with multilingual stakeholders and programs, clear and seamless communication across languages is not just a nice-to-have; it's a necessity, especially when it comes to the user interface of your grantmaking platforms. However, managing user interfaces with multiple languages is far from a simple task.

The solution

That's why we're excited to introduce SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate. This groundbreaking solution leverages cutting-edge AI technology to remove language barriers and streamline the translation workflow, thereby simplifying the process of making your platform's multilingual user interface more universally accessible.


Simplifying the Program Translation Workflow

Traditional user interface translation workflow can be complex and time-consuming:

  1. Audit the existing user interface text
  2. Extract existing language text file
  3. Translate the existing program language text file
  4. Review the translated text file
  5. Upload translated language text file
  6. Audit the translation within the user interface
  7. Adjust any details manually (if necessary)
With +AI Translate, the process is significantly streamlined:

  1. Select a new language or languages to deploy
    1. [+AI Translate] Extracts, translates, reviews and uploads translated text data
  2. Audit the translation
  3. Adjust any details manually (if necessary)

A seamless, intelligent translation solution for multilingual philanthropy

Once your organization staff selects the required program languages SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate takes care of the rest. Our solution works behind the scenes to fetch and store translated content in your database. Within minutes the user interface text fields are updated and ready for review and deployment.  This streamlined process reduces costs, time, and resources needed, and ensures that when a grantee or stakeholder visits a record, all field captions, help descriptions, tooltips, and validation messages will appear in their chosen language, providing a seamless multilingual user interface experience.

SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate Empowers Grantmakers with:

  • Translation automation: SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate automates the entire translation process, liberating valuable time and resources while eliminating the need for manual translations.
  • Seamless updates: Any system changes, be it additions or modifications, are automatically translated, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Manual translation updates: For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, +AI Translate provides an option to manually fine-tune each translation based on language nuances or specific preferences.

Another SmartSimple Innovation

Our executive team stands firmly behind its potential to reshape the future of multilingual philanthropy. Hear what Eric Lauer, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartSimple Software, has to say about it:

"From a global standpoint, this solution not only positions grant-making organizations at the forefront of technological innovation but also underlines our commitment to fostering inclusivity and breaking down language barriers. Grant-making, in essence, is about making connections and enabling change. With SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate, we aim to ensure that language is never a barrier to these connections"
~ Eric Lauer

Ready for the Next Steps?

Ready to break down language barriers in your grantmaking process? Contact us for a personalized demo today and transform your reach! +AI Translate will be available for subscription through the SmartSimple Cloud Marketplace, starting November 2023. Contact your account manager for more information.


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