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SmartSimple Cloud becomes the first platform to offer Gaeilge (Irish) as a baseline language

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Ireland is an important market for us, with a growing, flourishing user community. It’s also where SmartSimple’s co-founder Mike is from and where our EMEA operations are based. We were delighted to hear the EU’s inclusion of Gaeilge as an official EU language earlier this month. This recognition from the EU is acknowledgement of Ireland’s importance and impact, both within the trade block and on the international stage.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we added Gaeilge to the list of baseline languages supported on SmartSimple Cloud. We are the first and only platform to offer this. Is dea-scéal é sin!

Unlike end-user language translations (of which we support dozens of already), adding a new baseline language allows for the solution to be configured in the native language. This is not a one time effort, and requires ongoing maintenance during each platform upgrade. For us, adding Gaeilge is an investment we are happy to make. It’s just the latest in our ongoing commitment to support our communities to ensure they continue to flourish.

To see our list of baseline languages, visit our Language Wiki page.

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