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SmartSimple launches new Platform Certification Program

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SmartSimple Cloud has become the preferred cloud-based automation platform for many of the world’s foundations, global enterprises, and government agencies. Finding talent that’s well-versed in the technical aspects of the platform has become increasingly in demand. That’s why we’re happy to announce the launch of the SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program.

Beginning November 1, the certification program will offer two separate professional SmartSimple Cloud designations, SmartSimple Cloud Certified System Administrator (SCCSA) and SmartSimple Cloud Certified Configuration Specialist (SCCCS).


What is the SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program?


The SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program is a standardized evaluation that demonstrates knowledge in several key areas of the SmartSimple Cloud Platform including: 

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Architecture
  • Usability & Accessibility
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Importing/Exporting, registration, and integration
  • Automation
  • UTA/Module
  • Key SmartSimple Features 

The SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program will help build an accredited talent pool that clients and partners can confidently look to should the need for a qualified professional arise.

As Mike Reid explains, the program is yet another resource the user community is being equipped with to take full advantage of SmartSimple Cloud.

The SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program is really about empowering our community. We believe in democratizing knowledge, especially when it comes to knowledge of SmartSimple Cloud. Putting this knowledge into the hands of our clients ensures that the people who can really make a difference are doing so by learning how to leverage the full functionality of their SmartSimple Cloud system.

~ Mike Reid, Co-founder & COO SmartSimple


The Certifications



Certified System Administrator badge

Certified System Administrator (SCCSA)
The System Administrator Certification is ideal for Global System Administrators that handle the day-to-day administration of their system for the users within their community. Adding this designation to your CV will showcase your knowledge of the platform.



Certified Configuration Specialist badge

Certified Configuration Specialist (SCCCS)
The Configuration Specialist Certification is ideal for Global System Administrators who will configure a system from the ground up for other organizations. Adding this designation to your CV will assist in showcasing your in-depth knowledge of how the system operates and how to configure systems for other organizations.


Why Certify?


System Admins and Configuration Specialists
A SmartSimple Cloud designation can be a valuable credential that individuals can add to their list of qualifications. As more organizations choose SmartSimple Cloud globally, it opens doors to new professional opportunities and fuels career growth.

For system admins and configuration specialists, certification enables you to raise your profile in an area that’s increasing in demand. More organizations are looking for individuals with deep SmartSimple Cloud knowledge, and certification can increase your earning potential and establish professional credibility.

As a manager, being able to quickly identify SmartSimple Cloud competent individuals can reduce your time to hire and ensure you are acquiring individuals who can implement your team’s vision.  Taking the certification yourself will help you better understand your system’s design. With that knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to make better, more informed decisions about how SmartSimple Cloud can effectively support your strategic objectives.

Deep SmartSimple Cloud proficiency is in great demand.  For partners, having existing staff accredited and hiring individuals with SmartSimple Cloud certifications can help elevate your business to the next level.  Having your team certified provides peace of mind to your clients knowing they are working with a partner that has staff that has demonstrated SmartSimple Cloud expertise.


Who should get a SmartSimple Cloud Certification?


If you’re already working as, or are considering becoming, a SmartSimple Cloud administrator or a configuration specialist, a SmartSimple Cloud certification can help. You’ll be able to stand apart and boost your profile in these in-demand roles.

There are no prerequisites to participate in the certification program.

Most SmartSimple Cloud system administrators and users comfortable with making system configuration changes will already have the requisite skills to attain certification.

For those seeking additional training support, services are offered via partners in the SmartSimple Marketplace. SmartSimple alliance partner reSolved offers the first and only learning path to support certification through their reSolved University program You can find more details in the SmartSimple Marketplace.


Who should get a SmartSimple Cloud Certification?


If you’d like to learn more about either the SmartSimple Cloud Certified System Administrator designation or the SmartSimple Cloud Certified Configuration Specialist designation, visit our Certification Program webpage.

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