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November 2018 Upgrade Highlights

Posted by Stirling Myles on Nov 13, 2018 7:00:00 AM
 Photo by Aaron Burden

Each quarter, we release a series of upgrades we've developed over the last three months, many of which are created out of your needs. Out of the extensive list of upgrades (listed on our Wiki), we highlight and select a small of group of features that elevate your user experience. Below is a summary of the exciting updates geared to make your platform easier to use.

Watch the video below to review the highlights from the November upgrade.




Streamlined Header

In an effort to make your navigation experience more intuitive, we have introduced a new streamlined header. The new header features icons, improved menu interactions and a place for your profile picture. More importantly, the new compact header looks better and probably more familiar if you use Facebook. The header is now easier to use and has a smaller footprint, giving you more screen space to work in. This is an optional feature that you can toggle on for all users when you are ready.


 Screenshot of Streamlined Header Screenshot of Streamlined Header




Inline Media Player

We added the ability to watch and listen to uploaded media in the same window you work in. Previously, the uploaded media launched in a modal window that you had to toggle back and forth between. This new ability makes it easier to review applications as you play media on the application. If you navigate to another tab or scroll the media off the page, the media will continue to play in a window that you can move or close.


 Screenshot of Inline Media Player Screenshot of Inline Media Player




Grid View

We have introduced a new mode for list views called Grid Mode. This model enables you to see each list object as a separate tile or card as another option to present information on your page. The Grid Mode on a list view is ideal for CSR-type initiatives, such as volunteering or events, where each tile would have a promotional image. A list view can now be set to Grid Mode, or you can allow the user to toggle between both views grid and list views.


 Screenshot of Grid View Screenshot of Grid View




Communicating With The End User

Have you ever wanted to notify everyone in your system about a pending upgrade, or tell them about a change in your process, or even a new feature? Well, now you can. System administrators now have the ability to broadcast notifications to all users, not just internal ones.

Craft the desired message, choose when and how long the notification should show up, and simply save it. The notification will automatically appear at the desired time in the header for all your users.


 Screenshot of the notify feature Screenshot of the notify feature




Arcadia Portal Builder

Making changes to your portal just got easier! You are now able to move any section or page to any location in your portal by selecting the desired location. System administrators can save a lot of time with this new feature since they don’t have to move information around by manually entering all of the information again.



Selection Of Fields To Be Printed

Pick and choose what they want to print from the application form! We have added the ability to allow your end users to hide or show the content they want when they create a PDF. Users have full control of only including relevant information needed to present.



Invitation Feature:
Invited Contacts Who Have Not Responded

Need help with following up with your reviewers? This new invitation feature automatically sends reminder emails to invited contacts who have not yet responded. System administrators are enabled to effortlessly keep track of those who have not signed in while automatically keep consistent communication with them.



Minimum Character Word Count

Adding to the feature that enables you to cap and limit the word count in a given field in an application form, you can also ensure applicants enter a minimum amount of content into a field as well. This allows you to receive quality answers that are more than a single word.



Integration of the new Guidestar Essentials API

We’re fully integrating the new Guidestar Essentials API to seamlessly simplify the process of navigating both your SmartSimple system and Guidestar’s. You will still need to update and enter your Guidestar credentials and license, but once you do, you can fully access your up-to-date Guidestar account within the SmartSimple system.

To view the complete list of enhancements from the November 2018 Upgrade, visit the SmartSimple Wiki.

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