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Stories and Ideas at BlockParty NYC 2019

Posted by Stirling Myles on Sep 18, 2019 2:33:10 PM
 Photo by Claudine Ting Photo by Claudine Ting

This September, we built from an amazing experience last year, and went back to the Big Apple with another BlockParty. The event was graciously hosted by SmartSimple client, JDRF, a global leader in the search to end Type 1 diabetes through research, funding, and advocacy. And in typical fashion, we learned a lot from the stories of the SmartSimple community.

We create technology to connect humans together with their impactful work and no good work is ever done in isolation. That’s why we host BlockParty’s - to get people in the same room to connect and gain new ideas. We know that most SmartSimple clients use our features in their own unique way for their own specific process, so it’s important for fellow SmartSimple users to talk to each other to gather new perspectives on how to use features in ways they may never have thought of before.

“There was a really good mix of dialogue between long-term clients and brand new ones. They learned a lot from each other. We had feedback from the participants from BlockParty NYC that they appreciated the event and the new clients got a lot out of the conversations with the longer-term clients” - Eric Lauer, SmartSimple Co-Founder & Director, Customer Experience

BlockParty NYC had a packed agenda filled with informative discussions such as the August  upgrade and product update walkthroughs. It also offered sessions on how users can future-proof their data,how to create reports for specific needs and purposes, as well as how to utilize Portals and Dashboards to help make the user experience more intuitive and efficient.



 Photo by Claudine Ting Photo by Claudine Ting


While we provided opportunities to share what’s happening on our end, we also know that experience can be an important teacher. This is why we held a SmartSimple show and tell activity where peers could share their stories and best practices in day-to-day operations.

“I think the dialogue between the clients themselves was powerful and the collaborative process was meaningful.” - Eric Lauer, SmartSimple Co-Founder & Director, Customer Experience

A highlight of the event was when JDRF took a turn at the podium and presented what their SmartSimple system looked like and talked about how they made their administrative process more efficient and effective.


 Photo by Claudine Ting Photo by Claudine Ting


This was another amazing experience in NYC of discussion, connection, and collaboration in the books. We always enter excited and leave inspired. Thanks to all of the attendees who made this a really special BlockParty. See you next year!

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