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SmartSimple at PEAK 2023

SmartSimple Staff Celebrate Earth Day with a Virtual Zoo Adventure

News & updates: April 2023

Introducing AI-Assisted Application Screening: Transform your grant review process with intelligent pre-screening

Introducing the Supported Application Process: Advancing equitable grantmaking with artificial intelligence

News & updates: March 2023

How SmartSimple celebrates St Patrick’s Day

Exploring the surge in M&A within the GMS and CSR software market

Celebrate World Poetry Day with SmartSimple Cloud + AI

Introducing SmartSimple Cloud +AI, the most important product launch in our 20-year history

News and updates: February 2023

Introducing Eric Lauer, new CEO of SmartSimple Software

Embracing trust-based philanthropy: 5 key features grantmakers are employing today

SmartSimple Cloud pens a Valentine's Day love letter to its users

News and updates: January 2023

SmartSimple and Esri: A Partnership for Cutting-Edge Solutions

Helping SHSOs Efficiently Manage NHTSA Grants with SmartSimple Cloud - Watch our video with the GHSA

Unite 2023 May 25th to 26th | Global Community Conference, Barcelona

SmartSimple 2022 Highlights

November/December News and Updates

Visual Mapping: a powerful technology for displaying philanthropic activity

SmartSimple Holiday Recharge Week for Employees is Back, Dec 23 - Jan 3

SmartSimple Software UK strengthens competitive position after being named Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier

SmartSimple Celebrates Movember for Awareness of Men’s Health Issues

SmartSimple to further strengthen authentication with platform-wide rollout of MFA

October News and Updates

SmartSimple to exhibit at the ACF 2022 Conference: the UK’s biggest trust and foundation event of the year

SmartSimple to participate in first in-person TAG Annual Conference in Three Years

SmartSimple to exhibit at the Council of Michigan Foundation's historic 50th annual conference

SmartSimple launches new Platform Certification Program

The importance of cybersecurity awareness month at SmartSimple

Reconnecting and Reminiscing: Meaningful, Shared Learning at SmartSimple Unite 2022 EMEA Conference

Turn trust-based philanthropy from an idea into a viable approach

Hear from your peers: The Marine Institute of Ireland

September News and Updates

Hear from your peers: Merz North America

A Truly Global Gathering Planned at SmartSimple’s 2022 Unite EMEA Conference

Hear from your peers: Science Foundation Ireland

SmartSimple attends GHSA Conference 2022

Newsletter: August 2022

Newsletter: July 2022

SmartSimple with CyberGRX simplifies client security & due diligence compliance processes

Newsletter: June 2022

He, She, They? Supporting more Inclusive Workplace Communities

SmartSimple attended USAging Conference 2022

SmartSimple's Global Recharge Week is Back

Newsletter: May 2022

How to Successfully Automate your Granting Process

Newsletter: April 2022

Newsletter: March 2022

SmartSimple continues to strengthen its security posture with launch of new Trust Center

SmartSimple blazes another trail as the first GMS to integrate with the Impact Genome Project

Press Release: Impact Genome Project and SmartSimple Announcement

Celebrating International Women’s Day and doing our part to #BreakTheBias

SmartSimple to participate as a Premier Sponsor at PEAK 2022

Newsletter: February 2022

Is Your Software Provider Committed to Keeping Your Information Secure?

SmartSimple attends Transfiere Conference 2022

SmartSimple Cloud becomes the first platform to offer Gaeilge (Irish) as a baseline language

SmartSimple Celebrates a Banner Year of Growth - 2021 Highlights

SmartSimple Cloud not impacted by Apache Log4j Security vulnerability

Featured on - How SmartSimple Cloud Elevated Vancouver Foundation’s Grantmaking Impact

SmartSimple Holiday Recharge Week for Employees, Dec 23 - Jan 3

Announcing the launch of the new SmartSimple Cloud Marketplace

SmartSimple Cloud Platform Update Alert – Upcoming Changes

SmartSimple's Global Recharge Week for Staff, Happening August 2-6

Better Together: SmartSimple Software Is Now an ORCID Certified Service Provider

SmartSimple Software Named 2021 Social Impact Partner of the Year by Amazon Web Services

How to Successfully Manage Your Three Ring Tech Circus

From the COO's Desk: Drag and Drop Forms, Really?

Improve Your Agency’s Transparency & Auditability with SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding

How You Should be Managing Agreements & Contracts Now & After the Pandemic

Is Your CSR Impact Reporting Agile Enough for What Lies Ahead?

How SmartSimple Cloud’s Committee Manager Module Simplifies Research Reviewer Assignments

Key Enhancements You Should Know About in Our November 2020 Upgrade

Seamlessly Manage Grant Applications with SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management

We’re Going Virtual: What To Expect During ELEVATE 2020

Efficiently Manage Your Grantmaking Finances With SmartSimple Cloud’s Budget Manager Module

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Next 30 Days With SmartSimple Direct

Launching A Grants Management System in 30 Days with SmartSimple Direct

Simplifying Collaboration Using Invitations in SmartSimple Cloud

Everyone is starting to adopt the UN SDG framework, but how can you effectively track your efforts against it?

10 Enhancements You Should Know About From the July 2020 Upgrade

5 Things to Consider when Starting Your Impact Measurement Journey

Leading with Technology in a Post-Pandemic World

Looking Ahead: The Post-COVID-19 Era of Grantmaking

Why Your Foundation Needs a Seamless Virtual Board Meeting Experience

SmartSimple EMEA Summit 2020: Going Virtual

Grantmaking Post-COVID: A Look at PRIs

Connect With SmartSimple During PEAK Grantmaking’s Month-long Virtual Conference

Collaboration as a Catalyst to Responsive Grantmaking

Data Exchange: The SmartSimple Way

How To Create Documents And Templates That Fit Your Needs When You Want Them

SmartSimple Offers Highest Number of Advanced Features: A Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems 2020 Edition

How To Save Time By Not Having To Manually Vet Each Grantee

How Employers Can Address Employees’ Financial Hardships, Wage and Income Loss, Medical Bills, and Other Needs Due to COVID-19

SmartSimple and reSolved to Offer Pro Bono Professional Services to Boost COVID-19 Related Disaster Relief  Efforts

SmartSimple’s 24/5 Support Is Here To Help Wherever You Are

March 2020 Upgrade Blog

"Stream"lining Your Arts Grants Management Process With SmartSimple Media Library

Next Level Client Engagement With The Platform Solutions Team

November 2019 Upgrade Highlights

Endless Evolutions at Elevate San Diego 2019

Event Management 101 with Bader Philanthropy and the Spencer Foundation

Making Strong Impact At NSPA 2019

6 Common CSR Program Challenges (And How You Can Solve Them)

Is the Future of Philanthropy Trust-Based?

Stories and Ideas at BlockParty NYC 2019

Three Challenges You Need to Consider When Disbursing and Safeguarding Employee Workplace Giving Donations

Combating Social Isolation Among Older Adults at the 2019 N4A Conference

How the Ontario Centres of Excellence Advanced Their Grants Management System To Limitless Heights

How the Pennsylvania IOLTA Board Built a Robust Client Services and Financial Reporting System

How the Walton Family Foundation Scaled Its Grantmaking System For The Future

August 2019 Upgrade Highlights

How S.N.A.P. is Changing the Landscape of Children’s Mental Health

Everything You Know About CRM's Might Be Wrong. Find Out Why At ELEVATE San Diego

Three Good Things (And One Bad Thing) We Learned At AFTA 2019

Take A Look At The Future Of CSR Leadership

SmartSimple’s First EMEA Summit: A Collaborative Convergence

Watch SmartSimple’s Engage Livestream Launch Event

How The Washington Traffic Safety Commission Modernized Their System To Save Lives And Administrative Time

SmartSimple’s Systems Review Process

Should Donor-Advised Funds Be More Regulated?

6 Areas To Evaluate Your CSR Preparedness To Adopt SDGs

May 2019 Upgrade Highlights

A Comparison of Traditional and SDG-Driven CSR

Here's what happened at BlockParty Atlanta 2019

[Webinar] Evolving Your Employee Volunteer Program for Greater Impact & Participation

A Brief History of CSR

See What Happened At Our BlockParty Milwaukee 2019 Event

How Vancouver Foundation created an efficient process to maximize its grant funding

BlockParty Atlanta 2019

BlockParty Milwaukee 2019

Here's What You Need To Know About Fiscal Sponsorship (Explained In 4 Minutes)

15 Stories of Success to Inspire Your Employee Volunteer Program

February 2019 Upgrade Highlights

Learn About SmartSimple's Integrations [VIDEO]

How The GROW Central Florida Program Turned From Passion Project To A Highly-Recognized Organization In 6 Months

Block Party Toronto 2019

Learn About SmartSimple's Progress Report Scheduling [VIDEO]

Want To Make An Impact On The Refugee Crisis? Take A Look At What Airbnb's Doing

How The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Amplified Their Granting Impact

Learn About SmartSimple's Payment Scheduling Tool [VIDEO]

Learn About SmartSimple's Panel Committee Review Tool [VIDEO]

2018: A Year In Review

Beyond Jargon: Defining Transparency In Philanthropy

How Genome Alberta Enhanced Their Research Grant Reporting To Maximize Their Funding Impact

Learn More About SmartSimple's Generation Of Agreements Feature [VIDEO]

Going International: Our Block Party Dublin Event Was A Complete Success

Watch SmartSimple's e-Signature Solution In Action [VIDEO]

How the National Commercial Bank Of Jamaica Foundation Digitized And Elevated Their Grants Management Process In Two Weeks

November 2018 Upgrade Highlights

Learn About SmartSimple's Meeting Manager [VIDEO]

A Perfect Match: SmartSimple Now Integrates With VolunteerMatch To Provide More Choice and Scalability To Employee Volunteer Programs

Everything You Need To Know About Net Promoter Scores [VIDEO]

Celebrating Legacies, Leadership, and Long-Term Dignity For the Aging At AgeOption’s Annual Event

Celebrations & Connections On Center Stage At Elevate Nashville 2018

SmartSimple Receives 2018 Gold Optimas Award For Innovation

Anatomy Of An Accessible Web Form [INFOGRAPHIC]

Coding The DNA Of Web Accessibility

Rising And Connecting At NSPA’s Annual Conference

Learn About SmartSimple's Automated Emails [VIDEO]

Learn About SmartSimple's Post-Grant Reports [VIDEO]

Learn About SmartSimple's Review Forms [VIDEO]

Learn About SmartSimple's Application Forms [VIDEO]

Learn About SmartSimple's Reviewer Portals [VIDEO]

Learn About SmartSimple's External User Portals [VIDEO]

Learn About SmartSimple's Registration Pages [VIDEO]

Learn About SmartSimple's Staff Portals [VIDEO]

4 Major Challenges of Scholarship Matching For Staff and Students (And How To Fix It)

COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT: SmartSimple Enters New Joint Venture

“Walking The Talk” On Equitable Access To Websites And Web Forms

The Finalists For Our 2018 Client Excellence Awards Are…

Another Amazing Block Party In NYC

Improve Your Applicant Experience With SmartSimple's Scholarship Applicant Portal

The Needed Role Of Diversity, Inclusion, And Equity In Nonprofits

Automate Your Employee Matching Gifts Program For The 21st Century

Why You Should Be Measuring Your Philanthropic Impact And Outcomes

Why Diversity, Inclusion, And Equity Are Essential In 21st Century Philanthropy

August 2018 Upgrade Highlights

[PHOTOS] Here's What Happened At TAG's Midwest Learning Day

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity - The Impact of Women in Leadership

5 Reasons SmartSimple IOLTA All-In-One Software Is Better Than The Competition

Why Employers Should Start Preparing Now For Generation Z

How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls Of Managing Corporate Foundations

ELEVATE 2018 - Pack Your Bags For Music City, USA

How Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Built Their Grants Management System

How Skills-Based Volunteerism Helps Grow Successful Businesses

How Dollars For Doers Can Be The Best Employee Giving Program For Your Company

How The Harrington Discovery Institute Automated Their Granting Process

SmartSimple Sponsors Rotary International Annual Conference In Toronto

How The Grand Rapids Community Foundation Created A Versatile Grants Management Platform

6 Steps To Seamless Employee Volunteer Management

19 SmartSimple Features To Ease Your GDPR Woes

Making Creative Connections In Denver With Americans For The Arts

How To Effectively Measure The Impact Of Your Corporate Giving Program

Elevate How You Engage Your Donors with SmartSimple's New Donor Portal

How The Ohio Arts Council Moved To A Sustainable, Future-Ready Grants Management Solution

Engaging Our Community At Block Party Chicago

5 Reasons To Move To SmartSimple From GIFTS Classic